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The International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists is an association of scientists, technologists, institutions and companies concerned with the technical advancement of the cane sugar industry and its co-products. ISSCT has been in existence since 1924, during which time it has organized 23 Congresses at usually 3-year intervals. The next Congress is in January 2005 in Guatemala but Workshops are also held in-between congresses for discussions among specialists on key issues affecting the industry. The Society has its own website where more information is available.

This system gives you limited access to an index of the ISSCT proceedings. The index was originally created by Cor Laan, a Director of SKIL, because there is no other index to all of the ISSCT proceedings. The search will return the full title of any papers matching your criteria together with the volume number and page. You will then be able to select the correct volume from your library. To learn more about the index and some of the problems in creating it, please click here.

The Index was last updated in April 2004 when the papers from the 24th Congress in Brisbane were added. This congress included workshops so the papers for the workshops are included as well. At this stage, we have not received the official proceedings of the 1998 congress in Delhi so the page numbers for the Volume XXIII papers are the pages in the pre-print relevant to the topic.

You can search by Title or Author. To use the database simply select which category and insert your keyword or words before clicking "Search Now". Failure to insert a keyword will result in rejection of the search. You may limit the search by selecting from which Congress to search [to avoid old papers] and/or which country and/or topic you want papers on. Please be aware, however, that some papers do not have a country classification so would be excluded from your search if country limited.

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