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How do I sign in to the web interface?

When you first go to the web interface you will be treated as a guest. You need to sign in using the "Sign In" link at the near top right of the screen. Enter your Yahoo! ID and Password on the next screen and you will be signed in. If you tick the "Remember my ID on this computer" box then your computer will sign you in automatically in future provided that you have 'cookies' enabled.

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Security issues.

If you suspect that your Yahoo registration details have been compromised then you are encouraged to change your password.

If you find that you are receiving unsolicited email which you suspect originates with the forum then please contact us with your concerns.

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Password issues.

You only need your password for the web interface. Once you have logged on to the forum using your current details there is a link at the top of the web interface which allows you to change your password. The link in the Security Issues FAQ above does the same thing. In fact you can use the on-line facility to change any of your details, perhaps when you change company [or your boss promotes you because the forum has helped you shine in his eyes?].

If you have forgotten or lost your password then Yahoo! has a complete system to help you.

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What is the forum's etiquette?

The fundamental is that the forum is run as a service to the professionals of the sugar industry and the technologists in particular. Blatant advertising is NOT allowed although there are courteous ways of indicating your product. The Moderator will not accept postings which break this rule.

You can read the full text of the etiquette in the Guidance Notes.

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Why does the forum reject advertising in postings?

The forum is intended for sugar industry professionals to interact among themselves and not be deluged with advertising. That is not to say that individuals and companies offering services and/or equipment are not welcome, they certainly are welcome and as fully participating members.

When responding to a posting, if you want to tell the forum about a company or service that is directly relevant to the topic under discussion then please do so, ideally by quoting a URL to direct readers to a web site.

If you are part of an organisation offering services or equipment to the industry then why not include a your contact details in your signature at the end of a message?

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Can I send messages in franšais/espa˝ol/deutsch/??????

Although the forum is conducted in English, foreign messages are accepted as long as you are prepared to accept our translation of your thoughts. More information is available in the Guidance Notes.

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What are 'threads'?

Threads are just another way of saying 'topics' and are used to bring some logic to the forum. You can select 'Threads' on the web interface to view postings by thread instead of by date order.

If there is a thread already posted on the forum which covers the topic you wish to discuss then please use the existing thread, posting a follow up message either to the original thread or to one of the secondary threads already started by that original one. On the web interface, when you select a message to read and post a reply, the system automatically knows which thread your message belongs to. With email postings, the system uses the subject field to keep track of things.

If nothing really fits the bill then feel free to post a new thread.

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Why are there > marks in the message when I try to post a followup?

These appear in the message dialog box when you try to follow up on a message to indicate that those lines are quoting the previous document. If you are following up a follow up and think that the double quotes are confusing then feel free to delete some or all of the previous comments.

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Can I put HTML tags anywhere in my postings?

No, you can not use HTML tags in a message. If you try and use HTML your message will be rejected, please only use plain text.

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Multiple email addresses.

If you would like to post messages from different computers and different email accounts but receive messages on only your main account, this is possible. Go to My Preferences at and hit the Edit button in Email addresses on the right. You can add up to 5 alternative posting addresses for each of your Yahoo! registrations.

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Why didn't my message show up?

Your message does not show up immediately because it is passed to the moderator off-line before being posted on the forum.

If it does not show up after a day or so then it has probably been rejected for some reason. Please re-read the Guidance Notes and see if you have broken a rule is some way.

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Why don't I get emails from the forum any more?

Probably because your email address has changed in some way. Please use the web interface to check your record.

Note however, that the system emails all current members who have requested the service every day with the latest postings but it also watches for 'bounces' when email is rejected at the member's end. If this happens regularly [rather than when there is an occasional fault on the net or at your end] then you are removed from the mailing list. If you think that this has happened to you then please contact us and we will investigate.

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How do I change my preferences?

Your preferences are held on the Yahoo! system and changed using the web interface. Confusingly, the more useful information is called 'My Membership' because Yahoo! uses 'My Preferences' for more general information about you which is applicable to all Yahoo! groups to which you belong. [For many of you, there will only be one group - sugartech - but the system assumes that you will belong to several.]

To change the way you work with the Sugar Technology forum, select the "Edit My Membership" link on the right in the forum's dark green title bar at the web interface. You can change the method of message delivery [this does not affect your web interface], tell the system to send HTML mail [be aware that this means the possibility of receiving banner adverts from Yahoo!] and edit your email address(es).

To change your overall Yahoo! Groups profile, select the "My Preferences" link at the right of the web interface above the forum's dark green title bar. You can restrict other groups from inviting you to join, change HTML mail conversion and modify the way that messages are displayed to suit your screen. You also have access to you email address(es) record.

If you want to make changes but do not have web access then please contact us and we will investigate.

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How do I change my web interface name and details?

Your name and details are held on the Yahoo! system and changed using the web interface.

When logged in on the Yahoo groups page, or other Yahoo pages, click on Account Info in the top right corner, this takes you to a screen where you can edit your contact information (name, address etc) or you can edit your "profile" which includes things like location, age and gender. If you set your profile to Male, for example, then (M) appears after your name.

The less you enter the less is displayed, the choice is yours. If your real name isn't entered anywhere it is replaced with your email address.

If you want to make changes but do not have web access then please contact us and we will investigate.

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How do I cancel my registration?

To cancel your membership of the forum just send a blank email to the unsubscribe address given at the end of each email posting and your membership details will be removed from the system.

If you want to remove yourself from the entire Yahoo! system then please go to the relevant Yahoo! screen.

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